I write words

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I’m Amy, a freelance content editor and copywriter.

I write all sorts of words on all sorts of subjects.

If you’d like me to write some for you,

get in touch.

Here are 10 reasons why you should:

      1. I pen words with the reader, customer or user in mind. And because…
      2. …I’m experienced in long, short, online, print, editorial and advertorial copy, I can reach your reader, customer or user in heaps of ways.
      3. I won the only position on the 2010 BBC Magazines postgraduate scheme which means that…
      4. …I’ve worked across a whole host of market-leading BBC titles (now Immediate Media).
      5. During my time at content marketing agency Sunday, I wrote copy for mega brands John Lewis and P&O Cruises.
      6. I’ve done a bit of branding at Futurebrand too. I worked on copy for two travel booking websites. In fact…
      7. …travelling, along with eating, is my favourite thing. I’ve written a gazillion features on both for freelance projects.
      8. I’m currently a creative writer on the Government Digital Service (GDS) team. I write and edit blog posts for the Digital Marketplace and plan digital engagement. Unfortunately, in some parts of government, there’s still a lot of inaccessible language which is why…
      9. …I’m working alongside procurement and legal boffins at GDS to rewrite government contracts in plain English.
      10. Finally, when the 4pm lull rolls around, I’m the first to get the Tunnock’s teacakes in. So go on, say hello.